Take out the guess-work and

move your expat career on the fast track.

Have you ever dreamed of starting your expat adventure and moving abroad

but somehow got stuck in the process?

The journey to create a meaningful, happy, and successful expat life is not for the lighthearted. It is full of challenges. The Thriving Expat is a treasure chest full to the brim with everything you need to make your own move abroad. Discover useful background information, practical tips from expats for expats, and numerous exercises to apply the secrets of The Thriving Expat to your individual situation.

In this refreshingly inspirational yet practical how-to guide, Manuel Marcel Murrenhoff helps you to:

Get a clear picture of global career paths and choose your own

Understand the professional and personal development opportunities of leaving your comfort zone and working abroad

Learn what it takes to be a thriving expat

Identify your growth areas with the Expat Eligibility Evaluation

Shift your mind-set and improve your skill set from expanding your emotional intelligence over intercultural communication to dealing with family-related issues abroad

Master the art of landing the job abroad by understanding corporate dynamics

Improve your financial situation and get the best deal possible

Avoid common expat pitfalls that threaten to undermine your happiness and success

Manage repatriation and get your life and career on track

The Thriving Expat is not about organizational checklists. The internet already provides sufficient information on that. This book goes deeper—it starts at the roots. The Thriving Expat takes an X-ray look at your perceptions and standings in life. We look at the big questions: whether moving abroad is really the right thing for your individual situation and how to embark on this adventure and have the time of your life.

In The Thriving Expat, Manuel shares his tried and tested tips to become not only a better expat but a better person. By the end of The Thriving Expat, you will be able to take your destiny in your own hands by planning, executing, and continuously improving your expat life and career.

The Thriving Expat - Master Your Life and Career Abroad

The Thriving Expat - Master Your Life and Career Abroad


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Manuel  Marcel Murrenhoff

A thriving and passionate expat himself, Manuel built his international career from scratch.

At an early stage in his career Manuel has already studied and worked in four different countries. Currently he works as a Project Manager in the engineering and technology sector in Vietnam.

His international work and lifestyle helped him to grow personally, professionally, mentally and financially.


Having learned more about himself and the world than he could have ever imagined, Manuel wants to encourage and support like-minded people to start their own international journey to discover the richness of our planet.  


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