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40% of expat assignments are considered to be failures.

Family related issues, wrong candidate selection and inability to adapt to host location are the major reasons for assignment failure.

Organizations lose up to 40% of returned assignees within 12 months.

Globalization is one of the major disruptions of our century that is already re-shaping the world we live in. Influential organizations from both the private and public sector are already acting globally and expending their reach in foreign markets and geographies. Naturally, this demands for cultural sensitive experts and leaders with the adequate mind and skill set to drive positive change around the world.

The size of organizations' global mobility programs are increasing and more and more people gain experience abroad. This includes all hierarchical levels - from exchange students till board members.  Living and working abroad as an expat can be a life-enriching experience benefiting both professional and personal development.


Naturally, chances go along with risks. Unrealistic expectations, insufficient preparation and unawareness are just three of many pitfalls that expats face during their journeys. Far away from home, immersed in a foreign culture and confronted with the limitations of global mobility programs expats often experience a loss of professional or personal identity. Many expats experience the feeling of missing reference points and literally feel lost between two worlds. Although international companies provide the infrastructure to work overseas there are still a lot of gaps in the system. Potential candidates are not assessed for their cultural adaptability. International assignments are not included in a career plan and repatriation policies are often vague.

Becoming and being a happy and successful expat comes along with many responsibilities. Expat Journal has been founded to serve as a point of reference, a window to the expat world and a community to learn from fellow global-minded people. Expat Journal exists to encourage, empower and elevate expats to become the best version of themselves. 


Encourage, empower and elevate expats.


Connect the world.

Working experience abroad is not only a facilitator for professional success. It is the turbo charger for personal development and a rewarding opportunity to experience the richness of our planet. Immersing in a foreign culture, contributing to economic progress in market overseas and being at the forefront opens up new perspectives on life and business. But being expat is much more than that. Expats are ambassadors of their own country and culture in the host country. They are the vanguard of cultural exchange as a measure against inter-cultural conflict, labeling and prejudices. Working in an international environment is an opportunity to make an positive impact in a globalized world. Expat Journal's vision is to connect the world by encouraging, empowering and elevating expats around the globe.

Manuel Marcel Murrenhoff


I'm Manuel Marcel Murrenhoff - yep, that's right, the one with the name alliteration.


I'm an expat myself with a deep passion for global business dynamics and international career building.

My international roots started developing when I was born in the United States to a German expat couple. My family left for Germany when I was only two years old. Living in various cities around the country my international roots remained in hibernation for a longer time. I felt quite comfortable in my little known domain without having much contact with the ‘outside world’.

During my Bachelor studies I felt slowly but steadily the growing desire of moving abroad for the first time. Missing experience and improper preparation prevented my first approaches. Two years later I finally started my first international adventure and spend two month travelling Central America.


From that moment on the International Dream has been deeply anchored in my pursuit of life. Shortly after I set sail to return to the country I was born in to finish my Master studies. From that moment it was clear that I wanted to turn my dream of an international life and career into reality.


I started my career with a globally active corporation and spent one year in the companies’ headquarter in Switzerland. It did not take long till I accepted the offer to relocate to a part of the world I knew little about till that point: The Far East. Till this point I live and work  in the country of dragons – Vietnam.


Having learned more about myself and the world than I could have ever imagined, I encourage and support like-minded people to start their own international journey to discover the richness of our planet.

When I am not working in my job or creating for Expat Journal I like to spend my time dancing Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, doing Fitness and Boxing, learning about investments and financial freedom and good conversations.

Thanks for stepping by. I hope you benefit from the content for your own expat ventures.


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